Nitrous Outlet Puck System

The Nitrous Outlet Puck system provides the most advanced method possible for single entry nitrous distribution applications. The puck is installed on the inside floor of the intake manifold. The puck has separate nitrous and fuel entry ports, each using its own tuning jet. The nitrous and fuel exit the Puck from separate discharge ports then collide creating a perfect atomized mixture that flows directly into each intake runner.

The Nitrous Outlet Puck is CNC machined billet aluminum , anodized black and engraved with the Nitrous Outlet logo. The Puck is designed to work in most carbureted intake manifolds and late model EFI carbureted style intake manifolds. The puck is custom flow matched and installed into the intake manifold at our shop. Installation of the puck does require custom machine work to the intake manifold.

How does the puck compare to our custom spray bars and traditional style bolt on nitrous plates?
A traditional style bolt on nitrous plate fogs the upper intake plenum. The nitrous and fuel mixture are pulled into the runners based on airflow, possibly causing an uneven distribution cylinder to cylinder. Our custom spray bars are machined into the center of the intake plenum and the discharge pattern is specifically matched to the intake runners allowing us to control the atomized mixture of nitrous and fuel to each cylinder. The one thing a bolt on plates and spray bars share in common is that the nitrous enters one end of the bar and slams into the opposite end. As a result the discharge volume on the opposite end of the spray bar or plate can be slightly greater than the end it enters.

While our custom spray bars are much better than a traditional style bolt on plate, the puck is the next step to a more controlled discharge delivery. Due to the pucks design we are able to deliver a more controlled discharge across all 8 cylinders without going to a traditional style direct port system.

How do I get a Puck?
Orders for the Nitrous Outlet Puck are similar to our spray bar and direct port installation process. You will need to contact a Nitrous Outlet sales representative. The sales rep will build you a quote based upon your needs and intake manifold. The sales rep will then provide you with a fabrication order number to write on the box when your intake manifold ships to Nitrous Outlet. If you do not already have an intake manifold we can provide one to you. Once your intake arrives to Nitrous Outlet the sales rep will contact you to fill out a custom build sheet and go over any final details. When the fabrication department and intake specialist are finished building your system the sales rep will contact you to finalize your order for shipment back to you.



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