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When it comes to carbureted nitrous induction, there have been two, big schools of thought: the carb plate and individual port injection. Nitrous Outlet has shaken things up a bit with a third and unusual option: thepuck. And, while that word may conjure up images of ice rinks and missing teeth, in the realm of power adders it represents a seriously innovative form of nitrous delivery.

The nitrous puck is a CNC machined piece of billet aluminum that is installed in the floor of the intake manifold where it resides and delivers the nitrous hit. Its design and orientation make it an ideal way to equally disperse nitrous amongst the cylinders.

Like its plate and direct port cousins, the puck still administers a wet nitrous shot—both fuel and nitrous simultaneously—but it does it with the simplicity of a plate and the cylinder-to-cylinder accuracy of port injection.

“We have built up a great reputation with our custom spray bars but the puck is one step better than that,” said Dave Vasser of Nitrous Outlet.

A traditional style bolt on nitrous plate fogs the upper intake plenum and the fuel/nitrous mixture is pulled into the runners based on airflow. This can often cause uneven cylinder-to-cylinder distribution. Also, as the fuel and nitrous flow through any spray bar, they inevitably slam into the opposite end, which yields yet another opportunity for an uneven spray pattern.

“What we normally see with a nitrous plate is that the front cylinders are usually leaner than the rear cylinders due to the fact the nitrous discharge always sprays harder on the opposite end of the entry point,” said Vasser. “The puck allows us to fine tune the spray pattern to each individual intake by perfecting the spray pattern. We can manipulate the spray pattern and give the nitrous the best possible environment to do its job.”

Nitrous outlet machines the floor of the intake manifold flat and drills holes for the fuel and nitrous fittings to pass through.

“We machine the pucks with spray patterns for common intakes like Edelbrock Victor and Victor Jr.’s but also leave the discharge holes undrilled on some pucks for custom applications,” said Vasser. Because of this, the puck can be installed in virtually any intake.

In many cases a window is machined into the bottom of the intake manifold to allow access to the puck’s fittings from below. Bolts are intentionally installed from the top to ensure they never back out and fall into the motor during operation.

“On intake designs that do not have enough area between the underside floor of the plenum and the intake floor, a window is machined in the floor of the intake to gain access to the underside of the plenum,” said Vasser.

The Bolts that hold the cover back on are intentionally installed from the top to ensure they never back out and fall into the motor during operation.

“I won’t sell just the puck by itself to anyone, even if you’re a machinist,” said Vasser. “Every puck that we sell is installed into an intake manifold in-house and given a date stamp, serial number and the flow pattern is tested to make sure every cylinder receives its share of nitrous.”

Like the company’s nitrous spray bars, tuning of the puck is accomplished via two pills; One nitrous, one fuel, located at the solenoids. The pills can be swapped quickly and easily at the track and there are six less to worry about than a single-stage direct port setup. Also, despite its unassuming 1.75-inch size, the puck can move enough nitrous and fuel to support 400 horsepower. Vasser says there is even more flow available with some alternate componentry and solenoids.

There is another perk that comes along with the puck that Vasser didn’t really plan for, and that is how easy it is to conceal. Unlike a bolt-on carb plate or port injection, there isn’t an inherent need for a maze of steel tubing and the inlet fittings are conveniently located in the shade of the intake.

“The goal wasn’t for it to be hidden, we wanted a better controlled discharge,” said Vasser. “It just worked out that way.” Nitrous outlet does offer the puck with either custom solenoid brackets that mount off of the carb pad, or soft lines so that users can relocate the external components to any clandestine location they desire.

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Article Courtesy of Fastest Street Car Magazine

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