John Schaeffer

by Mark Wennin
John Schaeffer

This weeks Ride Of The Week goes to John Schaeffer and his 1999 Camaro nick named “Silver Juice”. Just like most of us the car started out as a shell and dreams of going fast, John is no different. With the help of his bother Josh this car was built in his garage, many long nights and blood went into this car to make it what it is. The Silver juice is packed full of goodies! Nitrous Outlet Stinger 3, Mast Motorsports LSX 427,Mast heads, Mast Intake, AEM Performance Electronics Infinity, Umi suspension, Midwest Chassis, Inc torque arm, AFCO Shocks. All tuning was done by Wes at Sho-Me Speed. Front end Fabrication by 417 Motorsports. The Silver Juice and John have went down the track running a 8.16 @ 167MPH! Congrats John Schaeffer for being our Ride Of The Week!


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