Kyle Rainey

by Mark Wennin
Kyle Rainey

Congratulations! Ride of The Week goes to Kyle Rainey with his clean 1999 Camaro SS! This car is simple! It hooks, goes A to B, and makes a good solid pass. Started out has a bolt LS1/T56 with the best off a 11.1@126mph on a single Nozzle. Currently has a stock bottom end LQ4, mild custom grind cam, 243 heads, FAST 102 and supporting mods. On this setup the car has been 10.4 @ 132mph and that’s not even pushing it. Goal is to get into the 9s by the end of this year with possibly a direct port! Car is still a daily driver, full functional and the AC blows cold. Congrats again Kyle, Keep up the good job!


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