Matt Brobston

by Mark Wennin
Matt Brobston

This weeks Ride Of The Week goes to Matt Brobston with his 1982 Mercury Capri nicknamed "Project Eggroll". It's powered by a single 70mm turbo with a Single Nozzle (Going to a Nitrous Outlet Direct Port setup this winter) stock bottom end 2JZ ENGINE and a th400 transmission. That’s right this little Mercury Capri has some import heart in her! Matt put this car together from the ground up in his garage with little help, mostly from his wife Staci. From the suspension to the tuning all done by Matt. It still has full interior, power steering, power brakes, power locks, heat. The cars personal best is 5.89 @ 118mph and hoping to get into the 5.5’s next year. Congrats to Matt and Staci for being our Ride Of The Week!


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