Mike Thompson

by Mark Wennin
Mike Thompson

Congratulations to Mike Thompson for getting in the Nitrous Outlet Ride of the Week Spotlight! Mikes ride is a 1980 Z28 and it. Is. Bad. He’s had the car since ’99 and has made some slight modifications along the way. We use the term “slight” loosely. Mike has taken this Z28 to the next level with a “327” SBC w/ 23° heads, Nitrous Outlet Stinger 3 plate system, full suspension, tube chassis, and boy look at that fab9! We are a little skeptical of the 327 cid but decals don’t lie, or do they? Unfortunately for all of us horsepower junkies the rest of the info is top secret!

Mike started racing in 8.50 and the x275 brackets. This year was the first year racing in Ultra Street with impressive results. Mike currently holds the quickest pass in Ultra Street with an impressive 4.81@146.08! Pretty damn good if you ask us. Mike is an ultra-cool guy with an ultra-cool car and definitely deserves the spotlight in this week’s Ride of the Week!

Photo credits: Tracy Smith - Rising Sun Photography


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