Ron Gordner

by Mark Wennin
Ron Gordner

You don’t need to have a pro-mod to enjoy racing! Our friend Ron Gordner is a prime example. He Drove up from San Antonio yesterday in his '15 Rumble Bee and let me tell you, he has a super clean car. So we asked if we could take a look under the hood to check out his set up. Ron has a clean 85mm Nitrous Outlet plate system install And it's making impressive results. Previously, Ron had another brands plate kit on his car and on a 100 shot he only picked up about 75 HP. After installing the Nitrous Outlet plate system, he picked up a whopping 126 HP on the same pill size and tune up. That's a 50 HP difference! As you can see, for a simple, bolt on vehicle specific plate kit he has made a lot of power on a stock bottom end. Thats pretty awesome if you ask us! Keep it up Ron, and thanks for sharing your ride with us here at Nitrous Outlet. We are always excited to hear about our customers cars and the power they make with our products. This car definitely deserves ride of the week!


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