Stephen Barnett

by Mark Wennin
Stephen Barnett

Today’s ride of the week goes out to Stephen Barnett! With his wicked 1990 mustang he has been tearing up tracks everywhere for quite a while. The car started out pretty much stock and was originally built to run True 10.5. Before the hot Texas tracks where doing any kind of radial the east coast drag radial scene was blowing up so he and his team decided to try their luck with radial. And that was where they found their niche. After a few years they were like mad scientists when it comes to radial and it shows to this day. In 2012 he and his team ran X275 and did pretty well. In 2013 they turned their gaze to the Ultra Street Class and after multiple  victory’s they took a 2013 Championship. 

In 2014 Stephen decided he wanted to turn to run in the popular class Limited 275 and switch the motor setup to a 582 BBC with some Slick Rick heads, and a Stinger II system. Well, it was a good choice. The first Limited 275 race out in 2015 he took the win and set the record in the class at the Turbo Bullet Nationals with a 4.841 and went on to progress to multiple finals. Currently running the Stinger III system Stephen is making moves in the Limited 275 class and have won both races so far this year and have gone as fast as 4.78 @ 150mph! Congratulations to Stephen and his team on their hard work, dedication and success. We’re keeping up with you guys and wish you great success!


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